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Documentation for integration and explanation of the API's of Altum AI.

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Start building your own custom tooling, website and customer journey with the API's of Altum AI accessing the proprietary automated model valuation, sustainability advice, Kadaster transactions and much more data.
Integrating the API's is an easy process with our clear documentation and sample code in JSON.
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Sustainability API
Generate sustainability advice
Estimate current and potential NTA 8800 energylabel
Market valuations of residential properties.
Extract object data such as house type and surfaces
Fetch the latest WOZ value from the WOZwaardeloket
The WOZ API can search based on address or the BAG ID
Interactive reference API
Find relevant recent transactions to support the valuation
As an appraiser, use extensive configurable features to find up to 30 comparable sales
Kadaster transaction API
Retrieve the transaction details such as price from Kadaster
PING freely for availability of the transaction
Condition score API
Estimate condition score of bathrooms and kitchens
Get an unbiased score ranging from 1 to 5
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