Documentation for the use of the API's of Altum AI.

Welcome to Altum AI

Welcome to the Altum AI API documentation. You can use the Altum AI API's to access Altum AI’s proprietary model valuations as well as its object database.
Integrating is quick and easy. We have provided easy to read documentation as well as sample code in JSON.
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AVM - Automated Valuation Model

Altum AI offers data-driven solutions for real estate decision-making based on automated valuations of Dutch real estate, which - compared to existing automated valuation models and traditional appraisals - offer more insight and are more accurate and reliable.

Ecovalue and sustainability measures

The sustainability data from Altum AI offers companies insight into which sustainability measures are needed to increase the energy rating of a home. In addition, Altum AI calculates which investment is involved and what the return and payback time is for the homeowner. On the basis of this information, companies can better convince and inform their customers and prospects about the benefits of sustainability and make cross-selling and upselling easier.

WOZ values

Every year, every municipality determines the value of houses, business premises, shops, and unbuilt plots. This value is called the WOZ(Waardering Onroerende Zaken) value. The municipality uses the WOZ value to determine the amount of taxes. With WOZ API, Altum AI creates a unique and simple modus operandi for retrieving WOZ Values ​​for homes and properties in the Netherlands. The source of the WOZ values is the official WOZ Website. This model will provide values for properties with either BAGID or House address as long their WOZ Values exist on the WOZ Website. The WOZ API also provides other details in its response like the Build Year, Coordinates, Purpose of property, etc.

Auto suggest objects and address details

The goal of this API is to auto-suggest and -complete addresses in an application. This has benefits towards selecting the correct property, providing a more pleasant user experience for the user and improves the customer journey in an application.

Move data and relevant listing information

The Move data API gives insights into housing objects and their listing status on the market including the market data on zip code level. With the Move Data API you are able to:
  • Fetch the listing data on an object based on the address
  • Fetch data on five relevant Owned or Rented properties in a certain zip code
  • Fetch total number of listed properties both for rent and for sale in a certain zip code

Location data

The Location data API provides aggregated data on postcode level. The API contains data on for example the inhabitants, house-types and the real estate market.

Amenities API

The Amenities API returns the distance to amenities for a given address in meters for amenities like a school, the railwaystation and a busstop.
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