A description of the changes per deployed version.

1.03 - 6-6-2022

  • When the “strict_street” input is 1, then we search for the same street and the same city.

  • Fixed some Elasticsearch queries.

1.02 - 18-10-2022

  • Add "housetype_to_search" as a list input, which defines for which house types the algorithm will search for ref. objects. The possible inputs are: ['Vrijstaande woning', 'Vrijstaande doelgroepwoning', 'Vrijstaande recreatiewoning', '2 onder 1 kap woning', 'Geschakelde 2 onder 1 kapwoning', 'Geschakelde woning', 'Tussen/rijwoning', 'Tussen/rij doelgroepwoning', 'Hoekwoning', 'Eindwoning', 'Galerijflat', 'Portiekflat', 'Corridorflat', 'Maisonnette', 'Benedenwoning', 'Bovenwoning', 'Portiekwoning']. If this input is provided, then in the ComparableHouseType output we display the given inputs by the user (as a list) and not 0, 1 or 2. If the algorithm is not able to find at least 3 ref. objects, then this input is ignored and the "comparable_housetype" goes to 0.

  • Added new possible "housetype" inputs. The acceptable inputs are the same as above.

  • Change the default search weights. Inner: 0.2, Buildyear: 0.9, Transactiondate: 0.2, Distance: 0.5.

  • If the user does not give an acceptable "valuationdate" as input, we provide a 422 error instead of 400.

  • If the user does not give an acceptable "housetype_to_search" as input, we provide a 422 error.

  • Enhanced the house-type matching for the comparable searches

  • Add a new possible input (3) to "comparable_innersurfacearea" and to "comparable_buildyear", where the algorithm searches in 30% deviation and in 30 years window respectively.

1.01 - 2-6-2022

  • Added date_limit as input, which defines how many months back the user is able to search for reference houses (min:6, max:60). Default = 60

  • Guarantee a minimum of three reference objects as output by overriding user's input with defaults based on the following order of priority until a minimum of three reference objects are found:

    • Boolean (strict) inputs

      • energylabel = 0

      • wijk = 0

      • buurt = 0

      • street = 0

    • Restriction of date_limit = 60

    • Comparables inputs

      • Comparable distance = 0

      • Inner surface area = 0

      • Build year = 0

      • House type = 0

  • Added adjusted inputs (9) as output to the API to match the used inputs versus the one provided to see which of these have been used to guarantee the minimum of three reference objects as output

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