Changelog of the deploy of the Sustainability API in format iteration (1.01) and (expected) release date (year, month and day).

3.23 - 2024-06-21

  • De aangepaste waarde voor gasverbruik geldt nu ook voor de output "ResultaatPerMaatregel" in het geval van een hybride warmtepomp.

3.22 - 2024-6-18

  • Bug opgelost bij het verwerken van aangepaste invoer WP -zonnepanelen die onjuiste resultaten veroorzaken.

  • Berekeningsfactor aangepast van de energieoutput van zonnepanelen op BENG2. Verlaagd van 4.756 naar 4.21 om de lokale zonnepanalen input per m2 beter te laten aansluiten.

3.21 - 2024-6-14

  • Bug opgelost waarbij correctie voor gasverbruik op basis van geleverde waarde niet werd toegepast in het geval van een hybride warmtepomp.

3.20 - 2024-04-19

  • Nieuwe optionele parameter "replace_windowframes" - gebruikt om extra verbeteringskosten per glasgerelateerde codes 50002, 50003, 50103, 50203 toe te voegen bij het vervangen van glas en raamkozijnen. De kosten kunt u zien in de PDF bij kostentabel. Activeer met "replace_windowframes" : 1

3.19 - 2024-03-14

  • Probleem opgelost met incidenteel inconsistente resultaten veroorzaakt door inconsistente verwerking van de nieuwe kostentabel

3.18 - 2024-01-10

  • De kosten van de maatregelen zijn sinds 1 januari 2024 veranderd. Zie link

3.17 - 2023-12-13

  • Toevoeging "city_heating" huidige en potentiële verbruik outputs, het jaarlijkse warmteverbruik in GJ.

3.16 - 2023-12-01

  • Toevoeging "floor_surface", "flat_roof_surface", "pitched_roof_surface", "wall_surface", "glass_living_room_surface", "glass_bedrooms_surface" outputs

3.15 - 2023-11-27

  • Er is een probleem opgelost waarbij "custom_costs" niet correct werden verwerkt

3.14 - 2023-11-7

  • Toevoeging electricity_savings output, de jaarlijkse besparing op het elektriciteitsverbruik in kWh voor de specifieke maatregel.

  • Toevoeging gas_savings output, de jaarlijkse besparing op het gasverbruik in m^3 voor de specifieke maatregel.

3.13 - 2023-10-9

  • Error codes bijgewerkt in document voor 400 Address Not Found (voorheen 301) en 400 No Measures (voorheen 311)

  • Toevoeging watt_panels input om invoer solar_panels veld te interpreteren als wattpiek capaciteit zonnepanelen. Voorbeeld invoer: "solar_panels": 15000, "watt_panels": 0

3.12 - 2023-8-29

  • Toevoeging /bag endpoint voor opvragen verduurzamingadvies o.b.v. BAG ID (VBO)

3.11 - 2023-8-8

  • Huisnummer letter toevoegingen worden nu zowel gezocht in kapitalen (A) als onderkast (a) gezocht

3.10 - 2023-7-16

  • Toevoegen huidige elektriciteitsverbruik is nu mogelijk via het optionele invoerveld: "electricity_usage". Met het bestaande invoerveld "gas_usage" kun je nu het complete beeld aan huidig energieverbruik opvoeren.

3.09 - 2023-4-25

  • Fixed issue where the custom "gas_usage" input was not properly accounted for the "saving" results per measure.

3.08 - 2023-2-22

  • Optimized general performance of the API call to 2 seconds on average

  • Added optional boolean "eco_delta: 0" input to deactivate fetching of the Ecovalue output. Which will then display "null" for this value. This results in a ~ 1 second performance improvement per API call

3.07 - 2022-10-19

  • Added feature to overwrite solar panel watt peak per square meter with "solarpanel_watt_peak"

  • Added default watt peak output solar panels to 212

  • API output now showing gas and energy prices used as well as the solarpanel watt peak performance per square meter:

    "energy_prices": {
    	"variable_gas_price": 0.774,
    	"variable_electricity_price": 0.223,
    	"solarpanel_watt_peak_per_m2": 250

3.06 - 2022-6-28

  • Exclude specific measures instead or next to a category of measures with the function exclude_measure.

  • Set a minimum number of solar panels to be adviced when provided as measure via the function: minimum_solar_panels Warning: in some cases this might result into NOT suggesting solar panels as measure at all

3.05 - 2022-5-24

  • Added function to set a minimum requirement for insulation when suggest a (hybrid) heatpump via the input feature "heatpump_insulation_req": 0, 1, 2 or 3. Default is 0. This feature can be used to ensure a heatpump (Installation 7 or 8, 30, 31) is only returned as a measure when all insulation levels (wall, floor, roof) satisfy the 'heatpump_insulation_req' input. In other words: when 'heatpump_insulation_req' is 2, a heatpump is only considered as a resulting measure when Wall insulation, Floor insulation and Roof insulation all have at least a value of 2 (=good).

3.04 - 2022-4-1

  • New optional parameter build_year (from 1000 and to 2030) to parse as input. With an accompanying error 303 message: "Build year not found in database. Use build_year parameter."

  • New optional parameter inner_surface_area (greater than 0). New response for 303 error: "Inner surface area not found in database. Use inner_surface_area parameter instead."

  • New optional parameter fetch_definitive_label - used as flag to fetch the label, its validity and norm type from EP-online. Default is 0.

  • More robust handling of possible Ecovalue delta model downtime.

  • Mitigation of non-uniform build years, incl. an option to specify year in input.

3.03 - 2021-10-13

  • Input a budget "max_investment" with no target energylabel "target_label" will assume utilizing max budget with search criteria the lowest annual yearly energy costs "search_criteria: 1"

  • Issue resolved with input of an adjusted cost table

  • Added a function for creating a strict search function for the target energy label. This function is called "energylabel_strict" and has a boolean syntax, where 0=yes and 1=no. When given energy label A as target and strict search is yes, the advice will search up to the lower bound of the A label

  • Added the ability to input search criteria where the target is lowest BENG2 value which relates to the energy label. Example: "search_criteria: 4"

3.02 - 2021-10-11

  • Added BENG2 current and potential

  • Added BENG2 percentual impact per measure

  • Fixed an issue with input cost table

  • Optimized performance

  • Add parameter input of heat usage for which Stadsverwarming is assumed as Installation when heat usage is added to a request

Added input

"heat_usage": 100,

Added output

"BENG2": {
        "current": 405,
        "potential": 154
"floor_insulation": {
            "before": {
                "desc": "Geen",
                "value": 0
            "after": {
                "desc": "Zeer goed",
                "value": 3
            "investment": 3892.71,
            "saving": 1393,
            "co2_reduce": 3196,
            "BENG2": "23.8%"

3.01 - 2021-10-8

  • Added gas- and electricity usage of potential situation to the output

  "usage_potential": {
    "gas": 422,
    "energy": 74

3.0 - 2021-10-1

  • Change API to NTA 8800 norm and as endpoint

  • Added Ventilation as output measure

  • Target label is now a minimum instead of maximum

  • Definitive Energy label output is now fetched live from EP-online

  • Added GET function to fetch based on BAG /sustainability?bagid=

2.11 - 2021-7-27

  • Added error code 303: "detail": "House type not found in database. Use house_type parameter instead."

2.10 - 2021-2-25

  • Fixed a bug regarding cost table input

2.09 - 2021-1-8

  • Fixed a bug in a module which caused the service to generate an error

2.08 - 2020-11-30

   {"post_code": "2771DS",
    "target_label": "A",
    "improvement_costs": [{"code":10001,"material":4,"work":4}]

2.07 - 2020-11-09


  • Small bug fixed in regard to suggesting wall insulation for objects built before 1930.


  • It is possible to insert the house-type and overwrite the default. The new parameter is optional and if not present in the input, the house-type from the database will be used.

2.06 - 2020-10-12


  • A more accurate source is used for the default housing type, which will improve the quality of the advice


  • The specified inner surface area as input is also given as output from the API, in addition to being used for the calculations

  • There is a fix for an issue with house numbers as input where these are entered as eg "12a" which caused an error in the application

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