Explanation of the different variables of the output.


The unique identifier from the Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen (BAG) of the Kadaster regarding the object.

Address data

Postcode, house number, house letter, house addition are returned as provided and enriched with the street- and city name. A house letter always contains only one character from the alphabet. House addition could contain characters, numbers and more.

Object data

Inner surface area (m2), outer surface area (m2) and volume (m3) are provided next to the location (lat/lon). The energy label is definitive, preliminary or calculated depending on what is available.

Predicted estimation

The predicted value in Euros based on our AVM rounded to the nearest thousand.

Valuation date

The data on which the valuation is calculated in format YYYYMMDD. The valuation date is optional and. If it's empty the date of entry is used for the calculation and returned in the response. If the given date is in the future, the estimation of the price uses the date of entry which is returned as valuation date. If a valuation date is in the past it uses historic date to return the valuation of the given date.

Confidence percent

A confidence indicator which indicates the confidence about the predicted value (expressed in a percentage).

Confidence class

The confidence class is an accuracy indicator generated by the confidence percent and expresses the reliability of the estimated object value. The confidence classes range from I to IV. The lower classes (I and II) represent a more accurate valuation. Ask your Altum AI representative for the latest monthly accuracy rapport.

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