Object geometry API

Fetch geometry data from a building with the address as the input
This API is currently in development and will receive meaningful updates in the near future. Request access via [email protected]


The object geometry dataset (3D BAG) is an up-to-date dataset containing 3D building models of the Netherlands. It contains 3D models at multiple levels of detail (LOD), which are generated by combining two open data sets: the building data from the BAG and the height data from the AHN.
There are data atttibutes describing a building: the number of floors and the area but also information about the surfaces of a building: surface type, area, perimeter, geometry. The goal of the Object geometry API is to expose this information to be able to fetch the geometry data of a single object.


  • Use object geometry data in the addition to the Sustainability API for improved calculations
  • Retrieve roof surface area's, it's orientation and sloping
  • Extract the orientation of the walls and its surfaces
Fetch geometry data on an object