Quering the AVM API for a Dutch home gives the market value of the given valuation date


With the AVM, Altum AI creates unique insights into property values ​​for homes in the Netherlands. The source for calculating the market value of a house is the so-called Automated Valuation Model (AVM) of Altum AI. This model works with more than 150 variables per home that update in real-time. Consider known variables such as living area, content, and plot area.

How to use

To be able to deliver the AVM market value and object details, we need to identify the object based on the zip code and house number details.

Depending on the object, house-type, and input, we generate a response. This response covers the details about the home, such as the address, building type, building year, inner surface area, and if available current energy label.

Input & output

Graphic: Illustration of in- and output of the AVM API



Zip code

House number

House number addition

Price estimation date


Zip code

House number

House number addition

Street City

Price estimation

Price estimation date

Confidence percent

Confidence class


Inner surface area

Outer surface area


LatitudeLongitude Energy label

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